Regions in Germany

Berlin Area

In Berlin there is more than one downtown area. Berlin has many boroughs (Bezirke), and each borough is composed of several localities (Kieze) — each of these boroughs and localities have their unique style.... read more

Franconia and the German Danube

The Renaissance swept across all of Germany, but it concentrated its full force on that part of northern Bavaria that had once been a Frankish kingdom. Franconia today contains many of Germany's greatest medieval... read more

Frankfurt Area

The thriving industrial metropolis of Frankfurt, Germany's fifth-largest city and Goethe's hometown, may well be your first glimpse of Germany. Most international flights land at Frankfurt's huge airport, and... read more

Lake Constance

Mild climate and plentiful sunshine make Lake Constance (Bodensee in German) a top vacation spot for lovers of sun and sand, as well as for sightseers and spa-goers. The hillsides that slope to the water's... read more

Munich Area

Munich is located in Bavaria; Bavarians are the proudest of all Germans. Locals are loyal to their roots and traditions. Bavaria is also the most autonomous of German states, and many Bavarians see themselves... read more

Saxony and Thuringia

Traveling in regions of the former East Germany can still be an adventure. Once difficult to visit, famous cities are still being restored and are inviting visitors from the west. These include Dresden, destroyed... read more


In this region, you can walk along the dunes and hear the roaring sea break fiercely on the rocks, or you can lie on a tranquil beach while tiny waves lap at your feet. Sound inconsistent? Not in Schleswig-Holstein,... read more

The Bavarian Alps

Walk into a rustic alpine inn along the German-Austrian border and ask the innkeeper whether he or she is German, and you'll most likely get the indignant response, "Of course not! I'm Bavarian."
read more

The Black Forest

The Black Forest covers a triangular section roughly 145km (90 miles) long and 40km (25 miles) wide in southwestern Germany. The pine- and birch-studded mountains here are alive with fairy-tale villages, spas,... read more

The Fairy Tale Road

The area between Frankfurt and Hamburg is Germany's most neglected tourist destination, yet it holds many discoveries. Some of Germany's best-preserved medieval towns, as well as some major spas, lie in... read more

The Mosel Valley

The Mosel meanders in a snakelike path through the mountains west of the Rhineland, passing town after town, seemingly with the sole purpose of beautifying the riverbanks. Nearly every village and hill has... read more

The Neckar Valley

Ancient castle ruins in the midst of thick woodlands, quiet university towns, busy manufacturing centers -- you'll find all these in the countryside of southwestern Germany. The area extends along the Neckar... read more

The Rhineland

Few rivers can claim such an important role in the growth of a nation as the Rhine. The Rhine rises in Switzerland and ultimately flows through the Netherlands in its progress to the sea, but most of its 1,370km... read more

The Romantic Road

The aptly named Romantic Road, or Romantische Strasse, is one of Germany's most popular tourist routes. The road stretches for 290km (180 miles) between Würzburg in the north and Füssen in the foothills of... read more

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