Regions in Italy


Though something of a time warp, the quiet highlands of Abruzzo are a prime example of la dolce vita. Only two hours outside of Rome, the region’s sprawling wilderness, rugged countryside and excess of rural... read more

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has an allure that has drawn visitors to its gorgeous coastline since ancient Greek sailing vessels once plied the tantalizingly blue waters. An air of myth and beauty lingers in the air, where... read more

Aosta Valley

The ideal region for outdoorsy types, Valle d’Aosta is a patchwork of activity. Rock-climb, mountain bike, kayak and ski through the region’s dramatic array of mountain peaks, pine forests and scenic trails.... read more


Overlooking the southernmost part of the Adriatic Sea, Apulia is often referred to as the heel of Italy. Bucolic and sunny, Apulia boasts Middle Eastern flair and a unique zest for life. Medieval villages,... read more


Basilicata can be thought of as the "instep" of Italy, with Calabria functioning as the "toe" and Apulia the "heel". It covers an extensive part of the southern Apennines and is the most mountainous region... read more


If Mediterranean oases are your thing, look no further than Calabria. Untamed, unspoiled and thoroughly inspired, this breathtaking region is all about long beaches and mountain wilderness. Castles pepper the... read more


For a one-shot glimpse of Italy in all its chaotic glory, the region of Campania is sure to hit the mark. Modern cities, Roman ruins, peaceful villages and islands crested by emerald waters come together to... read more

Dolomites and South Tirol

Sunny and mountainous, the Northern Dolomites are Italy’s better-tempered version of Innsbruck. Limestone peaks tower high above lush meadows backed by blue sky, differing considerably from the sometimes... read more


The birthplace of tortellini, Bolognese sauce and epic balsamic vinegar, Emilia-Romagna is the gastronomical center of the Italian peninsula. Each city is but a stop on this culinary journey. Eat your way through... read more

Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Thanks to a history of ping-ponging rulers, Friuli-Venezia Giulia is a cultural melting pot of Italian, Austrian and Slavic origin. Tranquil lakes, craggy peaks and the Adriatic Sea add to its multi-faceted... read more


When in Rome, you’re in Lazio. Beyond this mother-load of history, architecture, culture, Catholicism, art and most importantly, food—you’ll find in cities and towns beyond Rome and the Papal city treasures... read more

Liguria and the Italian Riviera

Liguria is first and foremost a traveler’s paradise for hiking, beach-going, and eating. Now, some might say this is the point of traveling to Italy, but the “Italian Riveria” hosts particularly beautiful... read more


Really, we’re talking about Lombardy—home to Milan—and the Lakes. The region is wealthy—rich, cultured, well dressed (and home to some of fashion’s most notable world-wide designers) and fat with... read more


Largely untouched by tourists, Marche offers everything from the grand to the humble—fortresses rising from medieval towns perched on lush hills, monasteries, churches, centuries old trees, simple but sophisticated... read more


Piedmont translates as “the land at the foot of the mountains,” which geographically speaking, is absolutely true. North of beautiful Liguria and south of the Swiss Alps, Piedmont is the source of many... read more


The district of Apulia encompasses the southeasternmost section of Italy, the heel of the boot. For many travelers, it's the gateway to Greece from the port of Brindisi. Apulia is little known but fascinating,... read more


After Sicily, Sardinia is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Although it seems far removed from the rest of Italy, it lies only 187km (116 miles) to the west of the mainland. It's much more closely linked... read more


Situated at the center of the Mediterranean, the island of Sicily was once one of the great centers of civilization in the Western world. Everything here is different from the Italian mainland, even the hybrid... read more

The Veneto

For centuries the Venetian Republic ruled most of the northeastern region called the Veneto, but many of those inland cities had been around for centuries when the city of Venice was officially founded with... read more


Tuscany’s history, traditions and culture extend to magnificent cities, medieval hilltop villages and countless hamlets scattered around a timeless countryside, which encompasses Italy’s heartland. With... read more


Northern Umbria is the mind and soul of the region. The morning mists rolling over the hills of this "green heart of Italy" imbue the place with a sort of magic, an ethereal spirituality that shines from the... read more

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