Governed by Arabs, Sicilians, Greeks and British (just to name a few), over the course of it’s 7,000 year history, you’d think Malta must be suffering from some sort of identity crisis. On the contrary; thanks to its prehistoric past, unique Mediterranean charm and almost year-round sun, Malta enjoys plenty of eclectic notoriety that’s all its own. Megalithic monuments and ancient remains are one of the Maltese Islands’ biggest draws. The Hypogeum is a labyrinth of subterranean chambers once used as a burial site and temple, with only a limited amount of visitors allowed to enter each day. For something a little more contemporary, the capital city of Valletta plays tireless host to a slew of concerts, plays, exhibitions and street fairs. Late night revelers throng to St. Julian’s or Sliema, while flaneurs wander aimlessly through the narrow streets of Mdina. As for the cuisine, go ahead and indulge in timpana, a delicious wedge of baked macaroni covered with pastry.

Top Destinations in Malta

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