Regions in Mexico

Acapulco and the Southern Pacific Coast

Spring breakers, families, and backpackers alike will enjoy the Southern Pacific Coast of Mexico. Acapulco may be one of the original Mexico resort towns, but it addition to being the beach paradise it’s... read more

Central Mexico

For some variety away from the beaches and some real Mexican history and flavor, journey into Central Mexico. You won’t find any shortage of small- and medium-sized towns and cities in the area, each with... read more

Colonial Silver Cities

Mexico’s Colonial Silver Cities are home to some of the best-preserved architecture from the time period and some of the best places to find beautiful works of authentic Mexican art to view and purchase.... read more

Los Cabos and Baja California

Baja California, or “Mexicali”, is easily accessible by car from southern California. Hop over the border for a day trip, or journey all the way south – or something in between! However far you choose... read more

Mexico City Region

One of the world’s ten most populated cities, Mexico City is like any city of this size: huge, and vastly varied. Food establishments range from hole-in-the-wall to four-star refinement, and from French to... read more


Millions of monarch butterflies make the epic migration north and back south again every year, and their southern migration ends at the El Rosario Sanctuary. White sand lines the beaches of Playa Azul and Maruata.... read more

Northern Mexico

Most tourists fly right over the deserts of Northern Mexico and miss out on Mexico’s most northern states of Baja Norte, Sonora and Chihuahua. Those tourists miss out on the intense beauty of Mexico’s Sonoran... read more


The entirety of Oaxaca City is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which gives you a hint of the rich culture and history there is to encounter and explore in Oaxaca State. Just around the main square,... read more

Puerto Vallarta and the Central Pacific Coast

Planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta should always include consideration of what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for. February and March mean spring breakers, and May and June mean few tourists at all. Traveling... read more

The Copper Canyon

Copper Canyon is one of several gorges that make up one of the world’s most beautiful canyon systems in Northern Mexico. Many tourists visit for a day trip, hiking along the upper rim of the gorge and hoping... read more

Veracruz and Puebla

Like many cities in Mexico, Veracruz is along the coast, but it has a different feel from the suntanned beaches of the tourist spots. This is much more of a port city, and is even the place where Cortez originally... read more

Yucatan Peninsula

The Yucatan is the home of the Mayan people, whose culture is still alive and thriving today. Maya is still frequently spoken (as well as Spanish), and there are some delicious specialties particular to Mayan... read more

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