A crossroads between Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Morocco is a cultural delight. Spice filled markets, colorful buildings and diverse music - this is the country for a sensory experience. Cities like Casablanca, Rabat and Marrakesh carry a sense of African magic with Kasbahs and camels, and visitors come to experience everything from exploring the arid dessert to tracking down exotic fabrics and foods in cosmopolitan markets. Head for the mountains for beautiful trekking opportunities or stick to beach resorts of the Atlantic coast. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to be seduced by the intoxicating smells, sounds and flavors of this North African gem.

Regions in Morocco

Anti Atlas

The Anti-Atlas is one of the mountain ranges lying in Morocco, as part of the Atlas mountains in the northwest of Africa. The easternmost point of the anti-Atlas is the Djebel Sarhro mountains, and its eastern... read more

High Atlas

The High Atlas is a region in Morocco covering the mountain range and surrounding destinations such as Marrakesh. It's a regular destination for mountain hikers, ski enthusiasts, or travelers interested in... read more

Mediterranean Morocco

Mediterranean Morocco is the northernmost region of Morocco, home to some important sea ports such as Tangier and variety of market and beach towns. Tangier is the starting point for most visitors arriving... read more

Middle Atlas

The Middle Atlas region of Morocco covers the mountain range as well as nearby cities such as Fez and Meknes. Snow persists in the Middle Atlas in the winter and can appear starting at 600 m above sea level.... read more

North Atlantic Coast

The North Atlantic Coast of Morocco is one the busiest areas in the country. It is home to the capital city, Rabat, a relaxed and hassle-free city whose highlights include a 12th-century tower and minaret.... read more

Saharan Morocco