Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island was a penal colony for the British colony of New South Wales during the periods 1788–1814 and 1825–1855. In 1856 it was settled by former inhabitants of the second largest of the Pitcairn Islands. The Pitcairn Islanders were descendants of Fletcher Christian and Bounty mutineers, along with Tahitian women. Pitcairn Island was unable to support the 200 inhabitants of the mutineers, and Queen Victoria offered them Norfolk Island. Permanent residents of Norfolk Island are still almost entirely descendants of these Pitcairn Islanders and other Australian citizens cannot move to Norfolk Island freely. The permanent population of the island is about 2000 people.

Norfolk Island, unsurprisingly, is famous for its seafood, which is generally caught fresh by most of the restaurants on the island. The local trumpeter is a particular delicacy.

Top Destinations in Norfolk Island

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