What other country can feel like the middle of nowhere and the top of the world, while simultaneously being the wealthiest and most peaceful nation in the world?  Does such a place even exist?  In Norway, ja!  Natural elements run extreme in this small country – a land of the world’s largest fjords, waterfalls, and coral reefs and the most dazzling of skies in the winter or early spring months – but a cool quiet embraces the landscape.  Perhaps it is the dramatic brilliance of the land that brings its silence – go for a late-night to early morning drive in Lofoten when you can see the sun saturate the mountains and waters as it sinks, slumbers for a few hours, and awakens to fill the sky with a light brighter than before.  In its towns, however, Norway’s quiet gives way to an explosion of art, literature, music, history, and cuisine.  Head to Hamaroy for Hamsun Days, a week-long literary festival celebrating Hamsun (rumored to have the most extensive Norwegian vocabularies of all time – talk about a man of words!); stroll through the Vigeland Park sculpture garden and Viking Ship museum in Oslo; check into Norway’s burgeoning jazz, rock, black metal or pop music scene.  Those who prefer the small-town feel can ferry-hop from village to village, spend the night in a lighthouse (Hellisoy Fyr, Fedje) and catch themselves breakfast!  For such a tiny country, Norway has something for everyone, whether you’re avid skier, indie rock aficionado, or inspired poet…go fish!

Regions in Norway

East Norway

One of the premier wildernesses of Europe, this is a region to visit if you love the great outdoors. From its Olympic ski conditions on snow-capped mountains to the glaciers in its national parks, expect high-adrenaline... read more

Middle Norway

For a close encounter with nature, little changed over the centuries, come to this incredible land created by the last Ice Age. Other Scandinavian countries, especially Denmark, but also Sweden, just can't... read more

Northern Norway

Northern Norway. The name itself can give you a chill, conjuring up thoughts of polar bears, the summer midnight sun, and arctic winters of total darkness. It is an eerie and fascinating land of deep fjords,... read more


The fjord towns within easy striking distance of Oslo are filled with history and rich in the lore of the area's Viking past. You can explore the east or west side of the Oslofjord. With time for only one,... read more

Southern Norway

The Norwegians themselves go to the south in summer for their vacations, as this part of the country gets more sunshine than any other. Norwegians refer to this vacation spot as Sørlandet, a land of valleys,... read more

West Norway

No place in all of Norway holds the enchantment of the fjord country, the single most intriguing region in all of the Scandinavia countries. National Geographic did us one better, citing the Norwegian fjords... read more

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