Papua New Guinea

In 2009 Papua New Guinea received 125,000 visitors, but only around 20 percent of these declared themselves as tourists. The country offers the traveler a true paradox. With little tourist infrastructure outside the main tourist areas, getting around can be tough. But Papua New Guineans themselves are wonderfully welcoming people who will go to great lengths to accommodate strangers. Tourism is well developed and growing in a handful of locations. Beyond these PNG is definite adventure travel and faint of heart.

For people who can make it out to PNG, the experience is unforgettable. PNG's incredible natural beauty is simply indescribable. Its unique flora and fauna includes enormous radiations of marsupials and birds, including the Raggiana bird-of-paradise (PNG's national symbol) and several species of tree kangaroos. Untouched coral reefs compete with spectacular WWII wrecks for the attention of divers, and the hiking is out of this world (Well, not really, if it was out of this world you'd be in space. Aren't allusions fun?).

Top Destinations in Papua New Guinea



Mount Hagen

Port Moresby
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