Senegal is located in West Africa and entirely surrounds the Gambia. Wolof is the native language of some Senegalese people, and you will find that almost everyone speaks it. Knowing the basic Wolof greetings and phrases will go a long way in getting you better service and prices. The Senegalese people learn French in school and it is a very useful language for travelers to know. While some Senegalese merchants speak English, most business is conducted in French or Wolof. Other languages used in Senegal include Sereer, Soninke, Pulaar, Jola, and Mandinka are spoken. The basic Muslim greeting is often used: Salaam Aleikum, or "Peace to you." The response is Waleikum Salaam, "And unto you peace."

Top Destinations in Senegal

Cap Skirring




St Louis
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