Safe, affordable, exotic, modern and full of sinus-clearingly hot food, Thailand is the Southeast Asia’s top tourist destination, attracting backpackers, jet-setters and everyone in between. Zoom around steaming streets in a tuk-tuk. Explore ancient temples within the walls and moats of a 700-year-old city. Relax in lavish resorts or ramshackle beachside bungalows. Watch neon lights reflect off picture-perfect beach waters. And encounter contagiously carefree smiles the whole way. Sprawling, frenetic Bangkok is your traffic-filled, smog-laced, gloriously chaotic introduction to urban Thai life. Head north to Chiang Mai for a mellower, greener mix of modernity and history. Let hedonistic impulses come to life in beach paradise Phuket. Visit lush mountains, misty lakes, lazy rivers, monkey-filled monsoon forests. Just don’t be surprised if you extend your stay.

Regions in Thailand

Central Thailand

The Central Plains is the central region of Thailand, an endless plain dominated by the giant urban agglomeration of Bangkok. Most visitors to Thailand will arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Thailand's largest... read more

Eastern Seaboard

Geographically the smallest of the five regions of Thailand, Eastern Thailand contains just seven provinces. Five of its provinces border the Gulf of Thailand, and three share borders with Cambodia, all of... read more


Isaan, Thailand's north-east region, is an often overlooked part of the country. There's no coastline, so there are no beaches to draw in the sun hungry crowds; however, Isaan is a multicultural area where... read more

Northern Thailand

Surrounded by the tallest mountains in Thailand, the northern part of the country is cooler than the rest of the usually sweltering plains and thus particularly popular in December and January. In the mountains... read more

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand includes many of Thailand's most famous resorts on both the west-facing Andaman Sea coastline, and the east-facing Gulf of Thailand coast south of Chumphon. Located on the Malay Peninsula,... read more

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