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Regions in United Kingdom

Channel Islands

Just off the coast of France, there’s a sprinkling of granite islands where the pace of life slows. Medieval castles mingle with luxury resorts, colorful pubs and fresh fish restaurants dot an exquisite coastline,... read more


Traditional life rolls on as gently as the hills in picture-perfect Cotswolds. Medieval villages, rural landscapes and all things English create a getaway that lives up to all your old-world visions—and is... read more

East Midlands

Nevermind the naysayers. It may not be the most picturesque, historic or knock-your-socks-off ambient destination in England, but don’t write off the East Midlands just yet. The down-home charm of this broad... read more

East of England

Take a terrain as smooth and flat as a blanket. Weave into it lush farmland, glittering lakes, historic villages, bustling markets and one seriously famous university. Eastern England is one long expanse of... read more

Greater London

Stretching into the Thames Valley with the sprawl of one of the world’s greatest cities, Greater London is more than suburbs and commuter trains. Thirty-two boroughs conspire to bring you everything from... read more

Lake District

Outdoor adventures, nature lovers and admirers of all things beautiful, get ready for the Lake District. Glacier-carved lakes, fells and tarns create what is arguably England’s most scenic region, as well... read more

North East England

Wind-whipped on its geographical perch, you can’t exactly say that North East England is overlooked. But it is often forgotten, bypassed and curiously under-visited. Occupying the countryside between England... read more

North West England

The Industrial Revolution may have been born in North West England, but if you think you’ll be tromping around the sooty remains of yore, think again. North West England is one of the most vibrant regions... read more

Northern Ireland

The terms Ulster, Northern Ireland, "the six counties," and "the North" are used interchangeably in Ireland for this small, ruggedly beautiful, and historically troubled land. The fact that nobody knows quite... read more

South East England

More than a mere daytrip from London, South East England offers a glimpse into the heart, soul and history of England. Medieval villages, fortified ports, castles and cliffs pepper the region, while parks and... read more

South West England

Those who say England lacks diversity haven’t been to South West England. From ancient heritage to vacation resorts, broad beaches to dynamic cities, South West England simultaneously delves you back in time... read more

The Central Belt (Scotland)

The Central Belt stretches from hip and happening Glasgow in the west to Edinburgh, the capital and historical center of the country, in the east and contains the majority of the population. The region varies... read more


No longer the dreary coal-exporting port it was so often depicted as in the 20th century, Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is hot and happening -- one of the most attractive cities of Britain to visit. Cardiff... read more

West Midlands

The West Midlands’ reputation for urbanity and industry might not sound like an exciting cocktail for travel, but herein lies its allure: unprettified and often overlooked, the region give you a chance to... read more

Yorkshire and the Humber

“God’s own country,” indeed. The people in Yorkshire and the Humber have a reputation for being fiercely proud; one glimpse into the dynamic region, and you’ll quickly see why. A dramatic landscape... read more

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