U.S. Virgin Islands

What’s your Caribbean fantasy composed of? Pampering mega-resorts or rustic eco-tents, plush cruise ships or protected parkland, modern amenities or outdoor adventures? In the US Virgin Islands, you don’t have to pick—you can indulge lavishly or rough-it island-style in the paradise of your preference. St. Thomas is the bustling homebase of luxury-lovers, complete with glitzy malls, seaside golf courses and the long horn blow of cruise ships. The island’s first-class resorts ensure you needn’t give up any modern conveniences to enjoy your palm-fringed slice of Heaven. Those in need of a little more green head to St. John, where snorkeling, hiking and getting away from it all are the order of long, lazy days. You won’t see any resorts or cruise ships here, just plenty of sea turtles and about, oh, 140 species of birds. Want to get further off the beaten sands? Cruise over to little-visited St. Croix, ripe with colonial history, old sugar plantations and the opportunity to catch Virgin-Island culture unawares, behind the glare of tourism. Regardless of your personal paradise, we’re sure those idyllic turquoise-gleaming, white-sand beaches fit in somewhere—perhaps in the center, the heart of your US Virgin Islands fantasy. Now just make it real.

Top Destinations in U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix

St. John
St. Thomas
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