Central America

Regions in Central America


A mere two-hour flight from Miami, Belize is an exotic, nature-lover’s paradise right in the middle of the Caribbean. Forty percent of the country is protected, set aside as natural reserves, sanctuaries... read more

El Salvador

Vine-dripping Mayan ruins, active volcanoes and legendary point breaks—with attractions like these, you’d think El Salvador would be jam-packed with tour buses and resorts. But, due to a long-gone violent... read more


Mayan temples dripping with vines—sure. But if you’re feeling blasé about archaeological sites, ancient cultures, tropical rainforests and oh, volcano climbing, you don’t have to cross Guatemala off... read more


Honduras has been unjustly overshadowed by its neighbors for decades. For some time, divers have passed over Honduras to go to Belize, nature and beach lovers have traveled to Costa Rica, and culture and... read more


The view from your hammock can vary wildly in Nicaragua. It may be of a lush jungle island, a turquoise Caribbean shore, a green sandy lagoon with a volcano in the background, or a beautiful colonial archway... read more


Panama may very well be the best kept secret we have to date. Dare we say it? 1,500 islands on two different coasts, untouched rainforest, soaring mountains, native culture and a world-famous canal? Eureka!... read more

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