Restaurants Near Downtown in Aix-en-Provence


  • Asian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Popular Places

  • Cours Mirabeau
  • Saint Sauveur Catherdral
  • Cay Tam (Le)

    approx 1 block
    29 rue de la Verrerie

    A Highly Reputed Asian Restaurant... read more

    Chez Féraud

    approx 1 block
    8 rue du Puits-Juif

    Home Cooking in the Heart of Town... read more

    Saïgon (Le)

    approx 2 blocks
    2 rue Aumône-Vieille

    Chinese Specialties... read more

    Jacquou le Croquant

    approx 2 blocks
    2 rue Aumône-Vieille

    Specialties from Southwest France... read more

    Nirvana (Le)

    approx 2 blocks
    9 rue Aumône-Vieille

    A Perfect Tandoori!... read more

    Chez Maxime

    user rating

    approx 2 blocks
    12 place Ramus

    Charming French Restaurant... read more

    Table Marocaine (La)

    user rating

    approx 2 blocks
    10 rue Constantin

    An Ambassador of Moroccan Cuisine... read more


    approx 2 blocks
    13 Rue Rifle-Rafle

    Tasty Greek Specialties... read more

    Paille et Foin

    approx 2 blocks
    14 rue Constantin

    Fresh Pasta & Antipasta... read more

    Pizza (La)

    user rating

    approx 2 blocks
    3 rue Aude

    Charcoal Cooked Pizzas... read more

    Dernier Bistrot (Le)

    approx 2 blocks
    19 rue Constantin

    Gourmet Provençal Restaurant... read more

    Lys du Liban (Le)

    approx 3 blocks
    1 rue Bruyès

    An Ambassador to Lebanese Cuisine... read more

    Bistro Latin (Le)

    user rating

    approx 3 blocks
    18 rue de la Couronne

    Quality at a Reasonable Price... read more

    Saf (Le)

    approx 3 blocks
    16 Rue de la Couronne

    Senegalese Cuisine... read more

    Bacchanales (Les)

    approx 3 blocks
    10 rue de la Couronne

    Traditional Cooking with an Extra Something...
    read more

    Agapes (Les)

    approx 3 blocks
    11 rue des Bernardines

    Provençal Cuisine... read more

    Antoine Trattoria

    approx 3 blocks
    3 rue Clemenceau

    Traditional Italian Cuisine... read more

    Chimère Café (La)

    user rating

    approx 3 blocks
    15 rue Bruyès

    Swanky Surroundings... read more

    Chez Jo

    approx 3 blocks
    59 Rue Espariat

    An Aix Institution... read more

    Laurane et sa Maison

    approx 3 blocks
    16 rue Victor-Leydet

    Deliciously Fresh Salads... read more
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