Arches National Park Transportation

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  • Moab, Canyon Country
  • Canyonlands National Park, Canyon Country
  • Capitol Reef National Park, Canyon Country
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    Arches National Park Transportation

    By car
    A car is the most common way of exploring the park; most visitors will drive to sites and then take short walks to view the amazing geologic formations of the park. There are several four-wheel drive roads in the park's backcountry that may appeal to those with appropriate vehicles.

    By foot
    There are numerous trails throughout the park, providing an alternative means of travel for those not wanting to spoil the nature experience with a vehicle. Hiking at or around sunrise (5-6 am) can provide a less crowded experience and easier parking.

    By bike
    Although the summer heat can make a bike a masochistic way of viewing the park, in cooler months it can be a popular option. Though there are no bike lanes and traffic can be heavy at times, biking the scenic drive is a great way to see the park. The Salt Valley and Willow Springs roads are less traveled but are more suited to mountain bikes due to washboards, deep sand and other obstacles. Bicycles are only permitted on roads: there is no single track or trail riding in the park. When biking on the main road, please use caution and ride single file on the edge of the lane.

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