Aruba Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Oranjestad

Oranjestad is Aruba's place for all things cultural. Here is where visitors will find museums, historic churches,...

2  Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park is located on Aruba's east coast. It is home to one of Aruba's most beautiful beaches, Boca...

3  Sint Nicolaas

Sint Nicolaas, also known as "San Nicolas," is Aruba's second-largest city. Some its best-known activities include...

4  Noord

Located in the northern tip of Aruba, Noord is home to two of aruba's most famous landmarks: The California Lighthouse...

5  Downtown

6  Eagle Beach

7  L.G.Smith Boulevard

8  Main Town Square

9  Palm Beach

10  Santa Cruz

11  San Nicolas

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