Bars in Athens

For those in search of the best bars of Athens, there's something important you should know. Athens nightlife is so diverse that there are several businesses that have blurred the lines of their category as a bar, nightclub, bar cafe, nightclub with a bar... so for the purposes of clarification our top ten bars of Athens focuses on the romantic ideal of a bar: low lighting, good drinks, interesting people, a quality soundtrack, and of course, open late. Very late.

Our top bar is given to the one that's been around the block the longest. Head to Bretto's, one of the only bars in Plaka, for the dusty old feel of a nineteenth century bar with one exception- the rainbow train of bottles back lit against the wall creating some sort of new age light therapy and boosting your spirits. The menu of flavored brandies can be overwhelming, but don't be afraid of being bold. "Bitter" and "Rose" are two of their best sellers. The 7 Joker's Coffee and Bar is another place for fans of Victorian whimsy: the Tim Burton decor is sure to bring a smile. The downside of both of these bars, as well as the following, is their narrow setup and limited seating.

Walking into the long, lean, Low Profile one has the impression they've just stepped into a blues bar in New York or Chicago. This place is perfect for whiskey connoisseurs and lovers of "black music," the phrase used in Greece to describe old R&B, jazz, and blues. Move over to the Rosebud on Skoufa street to continue the theme but don't hesitate in ordering a little food to keep your strength. The Rosebud is known for their tasty snacks and beautiful decor; snagging a table is the only tricky part.

Booze Cooperativa is a unique bar as is immediately apparent by the clock punk structures framing the doorway. This is a place that gathers hipsters and artists who appreciate a mellow, electronic soundtrack and communing over their drinks and chess games on long monastery tables. The number of hidden spaces to hold a conversation is impressive. If it's your cup of tea with whiskey, you'll also like Hoxton in the Keraimikos area, an industrial warehouse-style bar that's wildly popular on the weekends.

Our favorite off-the-beaten-path bar is Cantina Social in Psirri, so discreet they don't even announce themselves with a sign. A young crowd uses this as their steki due to its hip atmosphere and cheap drinks, but the Galaxy bar inside a gallery off of Stadiou Street is equally hidden and better suited for tragic-writer types who want to wallow in their glass. It's believed that both Ernest Hemingway and Henry Miller found solace with the bottle here.

For a pub, James Joyce is just about your only choice, so it's a good thing that it's a pub done well. While drinks run on the high side, the bar hosts frequent acts of live Irish music and is a gathering spot for expats.

No list of bars in Athens would be complete without adding the bar perfect for jet-setters and high society; the Galaxy bar on the top of the Hilton Hotel is a luxurious place to enjoy the perfect martini while watching the city beneath your feet through giant windows.

Low Profile

Lykavitou 6

Whiskey and Blues in Greece... read more

expert pick


user rating

41 Kydathineon

Ouzo Specialty... read more

expert pick

Booze Cooperativa

57 Kolokotroni Street

A progressive drinking institution... read more

expert pick


user rating

42 Voutadon Street

Chill out bar... read more


Άστιγγος 12, Μοναστηράκι, Κέντρο, Ελλάδα

expert pick

Galaxy Bar

user rating

46 Vassilissis Sofias Avenue

High up, high class bar in the Hilton... read more

expert pick

Cantina Social

Leokoreiou 6-8

Indie hot spot in an obscure location of Psirri...
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expert pick

Rosebud Cafe Bar

40 Skoufa Street

Jazz, blues, and whiskey on Skoufa street... read more

expert pick

Joker's Coffee & Cocktail Bar (The)

user rating

7 Voulis Street

Great Things in Small Sizes... read more

expert pick

Galaxy Bar

Stadiou 10

A Galaxy away from the Hilton... read more
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