Boutique Hotels in Athens

Since joining the E.U. Athens has been doing her part to keep up with those edgy, Avante-garde westerners and their boutique hotel design. There's a fanciful outbreak of neon-interior, slimline model, giant-stuffed-orangutan-in the-lobby sort of boutique hotels that are highly sought after by techies, artists, fashionistas, and anyone who is in the mood for something different.

Don't worry if you like boutique hotels for their more intimate atmosphere but don't necessarily want to find your concierge behind a Mini Cooper. More traditional options can be found in beautifully restored neoclassical mansions all around the city center. The first three on our list, Classical King George Palace, Hotel Hera and Magna Grecia, are both stately options. Of the two, the Hera is more ideally situated in a quiet Koukaki - a stone's throw from the New Acropolis Museum and the pedestrian roads of Areopagitou and Makriyannis. It also offers more rooms and common areas than the Magna Grecia, which feels more like sleeping in a rich uncle's mansion in the middle of the city.

Moving to more contemporary design, the Ochre & Brown (O&B) is a hotel that's been getting a lot of buzz for its sleek interiors and high level of personalized service. The location might feel a bit dodgy for anyone who isn't fond of nightlife (particularly that of grungy-chic Psirri) but it's still arguably in walking distance of most notable attractions.

Two notable hotels outside of the Athens city center are the Margi and the Semiramis hotels.
The Margi is the only seaside hotel on our list. It's tucked away in the coastal neighborhood of Vouliagmeni making it more of a retreat than an Athens hotel. Be prepared to sacrifice easy access to the city for the gorgeous beach and cabana-like atmosphere. The Semiramis hotel in northern Kifissia is the pulpy edition to the Design Hotel group. The interior was designed by Karim Rashid and will appeal to those who like his candy pink aesthetics or a rainbow-colored pool, but this hotel is certainly more flash than function.

The Art Hotel and Classical Baby Grand are all located in Omonia. All three are superb in service and interiors. They're proving to be a breath of fresh air in an area that's become tired and neglected, but that section of the city can be sketchy after dark. We've removed the Fresh Hotel, also part of the Grecotel family, as it closed it's closing for renovations as of February 2011.

Classical King George Palace

3 Vasileos Georgiou A Street
Syntagma Constitution Square

Royal Romance in Syntagma Square...
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Hotel Hera

9 Falirou Street

Boutique hotel set in centre of historic Athens...
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Magna Grecia Boutique Hotel


Pretty and Personal Hotel in Plaka/Monastiraki...
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Periscope Hotel

22 Haritos Street

Trendy and cozy...
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O&B Athens Boutique Hotel

user rating

7 Leokoriou Street

sleek and minimalistic hotel in a hip part of town...
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Marni Street 27

Swank-tuary in Omonia...
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Margi Hotel

11 Litous Str

Warm and luxurious retreat in Vouliagmeni...
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Semiramis Hotel

expert pick

48 Charilaou Trikoupi Street

Modern Art Hotel for the Hip and Trendy...
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Classical Baby Grand Hotel

user rating

65 Athinas Street and Lycourgou Street

Whimsical four star hotel for the young at heart...
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Athenian Callirhoe Hotel

32 Kallirrois Avenue & Petmeza

Athens' First Boutique Hotel...
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