Lively Restaurants in Athens

Fun restaurants in Athens are usually so thanks to the colorful characters working there or the lively atmosphere that kicks in every night around 8pm, the start of the dining hours for Greece. Theme restaurants or campy dining rooms exist but most of the time they are such without the intention of being so. We've compiled ten restaurants in Athens that are sure to lighten your heart and bring a smile to your face, making for a memorable meal.

The first two on our top ten fun restaurants of Athens are two of the rare thematic restaurants in the city. The first, Archaion Gefsis, invites diners to experience what ancient Greeks ate like. A period-specific meal comes complete with toga-clad waiters and dancing. You're certainly welcome to dance at the Hard Rock Cafe of Athens, also; the internationally famous chain restaurant provides a loose atmosphere and a great burger worth rocking out on.

Goody's is a well received fast food alternative to the golden arches; a standard burger-and-fry menu but using olive oil and offering traditional favorites as well. Kids meals are sold and come with a prize, of course. The most famous fast food in Greece, however, is souvlaki and gyro. The most famous place to try it is the colorful Monastiraki eatery, Thanassis, where bowl-stomached waiters in white shirts toss plates like frisbees and shout at the gypsies.

For traditional Greek food, Taverna tou Psarras has all of the ingredients necessary to be your classical taverna experience. Checkered tablecloths, friendly waiters, and a pristine view of Plaka is perfect for sharing a meal amongst a dozen of your closest friends. For a smaller crowd, Tzitzikas and Mermigas is always bouncing with light and energy. Their menu is full of creative twists on Greek favorites. Kouzina Cine-Psirri has similar fare but with the added benefit of a rooftop garden overlooking an outdoor movie screen. A grown up meal at Cafe Boheme means mingling with expats, bouncing to live jazz or DJs, and occasionally dressing up for theme parties- all while enjoying creative cocktails and a tasty menu of Greek cheese, salads, and other small plates perfect for sharing.

We've omitted the few remaining dinosaurs of dinner theater shows where actors dance and throw plates- the poor quality of food and high cost is an unfortunate part of the package.

Archaion Gefsis

22 Kodratou Street
(near Karaiskaki Square)

No forks, but lots of Ancient Food Fun...
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Hard Rock Cafe Athens

18 Filellinon Street

A Tribute to Rock Music...
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Greek Food, Fast!...
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user rating

69 Mitropoleos
Monastiraki, just off the northeast corner of Monastiraki Square

Nostalgic Athenian establishment for Gyro and Souvlaki...
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21 Taki Street

Mountains of Homemade Ice Cream and Gelato...
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user rating

expert pick

3 Aischilou Street

The Ultimate Dessert...
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Taverna Tou Psarra

expert pick

16 Erechtheos Street

Keeping Plaka Alive...
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Kouzina Cine-Psirri

user rating

40 Sarri Street

Experimenting with exotic flavors...
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Cafe Boheme

36 Omirou Street

Homemade food and adventurous cocktails...
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Tzitzikas kai Mermigas

Mitropoleos 12, Syntagma

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