European Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is an incredibly diverse, transient and eclectic city, something which is evident through its people as well as its restaurants. When it comes to European restaurants in Barcelona, there's an incredible number of viable options.

Our number two pick is a great European restaurant in Barcelona, located smack in the city center. If you feel like working, reading or just taking it easy with some pastries, small sandwiches and good coffee, then Laie Libreria-Cafe is a perfect choice. This brightly lit, space doubles as a restaurant/coffee shop and book store underneath, so you can buy a book and then head upstairs for a cafe con leche.

On the other end of the price scale, is our number four pick, Comerc 24. This Michelin Star restaurant is well known in Barcelona and an excellent pick for those looking for a delicious, high quality and authentic European meal.

If you want to try something a bit different, our number ten pick is a great choice. The renowned Hoffman cooking school's training restaurant features wonderful food at affordable prices, since the students are 'learning on the job'. It's a fun evening to experience, as they cook the food right in front of you at your table, while each student caters to different parts of your order. They may be in training, but the food is just as good quality as you'd find in any 'normal' restaurant.


expert pick

carrer de la Junta de Comerç 28

Modern-day fare...
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Laie Librería-Café

Carrer de Pau Claris 85

Great bookshop with café and restaurant...
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Restaurant Sibarit

carrer d'Aribau 65

The world on your plate...
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Comerç 24

user rating

Carrer Comerç 24

In Ciutat Vella...
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Roig Robí

carrer Sèneca 20

Traditional cuisine with modernist touches...
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carrer de Torrijos 51

Vegetarian dishes & elegant setting...
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Petit París

carrer de París 196

Excellent cosmopolitan cuisine...
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Casa Calvet

user rating

carrer de Casp 48

Classic Mediterranean Cuisine. In Gaudi House. Classy yet affordable...
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Little Italy

carrer del Rec 30
Passeig de Born

Just Like New York...
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Restaurant Hoffmann

user rating

carrer de la Granada del Penedès 14-16
La Ribera

Kitchen school restaurant...
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