Bologna Restaurants

You're already in Italy, so you know that a good meal is probably just a few feet away. You also know that as a visitor to the area, chances are that you might get swept into one of those very central, very overpriced restaurants in the fetching piazzas that lure you in with their gorgeous patio seating and fragrant bruschetta. But in a city like Bologna, there's no need to fall prey to prices when there are affordable pizza shops and homey trattorias tucked among its porticoed sidewalks.

If you're on a budget or traveling with children, an entire pizza can be purchased for as few as 2 or 3 Euros and you're a few napkins away from a picnic in a local piazza during the summer months. However, visitors of all ages would be hard pressed not to find something to savor among the numerous pasta offerings in Bologna, a city that does pasta like no other (and that's saying a lot in Italy). From its eponymous spaghetti alla Bolognese, a pasta served in a rich meat and tomato sauce, to stuffed tortellini, lasagne, and tagliatelle, three local delicacies, the options are endless. Keep an eye out for smaller restaurants that have a limited fixed menu, but offer delicious specials each day that change from season to season.

Carnivores also have much to choose from in Bologna's wide offerings of salami and ham, often found at the indoor Mercato delle Erbe (Ugo Bassi 27), where you can pick up meats, cheese and bread year round, and the nearby Mercato Coperto and Orefici Markets for fresh produce and local delicacies.

Ristorante Donatello

user rating

Via AugustoRighi 8

Old-Fashioned Flavors...
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Ristorante La Terrazza

Via del Parco, 20

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Trattoria Battibecco Di Domenico Costa & C. S.A.S.

Via Battibecco, 4b

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Hobby One

Via Mascarella 2

Discotheque Dancing & Dinner...
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Buca delle Campane

Via Benedetto XIV 4

Bologna's Busiest Restaurant...
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Osteria della Chiesa

37 Via Massarenti

Popular With Entertainers...
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Via Rotta 10

Bologna's Trendiest Disco...
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Campanino Golf Club

Via Barlete, 40050 Monteveglio Bologna, Italy

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Scuderia (La)

Piazza Verdi 2

Multi Functional Restaurant...
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Marco Fadiga Bistrot

Via Rialto 23C

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Posto (Il)

Via Giuseppe Massarenti 37

Delicious Journey...
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Montegrappa da Nello

Via Montegrappa 2

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Godot Wine Bar

Via Cartoleria 12

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Piazza Liber Paradisus 1

Eat Your Heart Out...
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Da Cesari

Via de' Carbonesi 8
South of Piazza Maggiore

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Polpette E Crescentine

Via dei Fornaciai 9/3

Italain Feasts...
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Pasticceria Carosello

Via Corticella 184/8

Personalized Cakes for All Occasions...
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San Gennaro Pizzeria

Via Andrea Costa 172

Authentic Neapolitan Pizza...
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Taverna dei Lords

Via Nazario Sauro 12/b

A Pleasant Surprise for Dinner...
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Trattoria Paradisino

Via Coriolano Vighi 33

Set in the Countryside...
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