Lively Restaurants in Budapest

When classic wining and dining won't do it, it's these Top 10 Fun Restaurants that will surely entertain.

Our first pick is the Sir Lancelot, a medieval themed restaurant with a gimmick- no utensils! Wash your hands and dig in to the huge portions with fantasy names such as Saint Grill and Virtue of Womenfolk.

In second place is the Crazy Dzsungel Café, a multi-themed restaurant where guests can choose to dine surrounded by the ocean, in a jungle, savannah, or in pirate themed rooms.

Our third pick is the Belcanto, a classy restaurant next to the Opera House, which may be a classic dining scene, but not without a twist: There's no food without music as every evening the waiters burst into song!

In fourth place is the Sugar Shop, a sweets shop where even the furniture and decoration look edible and a visit will feel like a teleport to some make believe candy land.

Our next pick is the Sirius Tea House for those bored of drinking tea the conventional way. The interior is overwhelmingly creative with comfy beanie bags, cosy corners and completely separate room with mirrors and spider webs..!

Our next two picks are Hungarian style restaurants where a visit will feel like a trip back in time: The Paprika Csárda; a real Hungarian country get-away modelled on the "Csárda" style restaurants oh so typical of rural life in the olden days, and the Vénhajó; a hundred years old docked ship, one of the last of its kind in Hungary functioning as both a museum and a restaurant.

Our eighth pick is the Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant where little plates of delicious oriental treats - hot and cold - are passed around on a conveyor belt.

Lastly we have the Zorba's Tavern steeped in Mediterranean décor with live entertainment on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Sir Lancelot

expert pick

Podmaniczky Street 14

Medieval Dining...
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Crazy Café and Jungle Restaurant

Jókai Street 30

Multi-themed Restaurant and Café...
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Belcanto Etterem

user rating

Dalszínház Street 8

Classic dining with singing waiters...
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Sugar Shop

user rating

expert pick

Paulay Ede street 48

A sweet shop unlike any other...
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Sirius Tea House

user rating

expert pick

Bródy Sándor street 13

Tea house with a twist...
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Paprika Csárda

user rating

Dozsa Gyorgy street 72

A Hungarian country get-away...
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Kossuth Vénhajó

Vigadó Square, Dock 2

Old Timer Ship Restaurant and Museum...
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Podmaniczky Street 21

Running Wok & Sushi Restaurant...
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Zorba's Taverna

Podmaniczky Street 18

Greek-themed Restaurant...
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