Cheap Restaurants in Cairo

Cairo is brilliant for cheap restaurants - no matter where in the city you are, there will be some sort of cheap eat nearby. Koshary is a typical Egyptian cheap and cheerful filler, a mix of pasta, rice, lentils, chickpeas, onions and tomato salsa. You can get koshary all around the city, but Abou Tarek koshary and Koshary al-Tahrir are two downtown mainstays of the Cairo carb scene.

Zizo's is a Cairo institution, and a cheap one at that. Spicy sogoq (beef sausage) sandwiches are the speciality, though the restaurant also does good liver and other offal, as well as teeth-rottingly tasty halawa and cream sandwiches for dessert! Watch the home-made pickles - they're fiery!

Fatatri al-Tahrir is a traditional feteer house, the Egyptian style pancakes with savoury and sweet fillings. The Yemen Restaurant in Doqqi is a no-frills Yemeni diner serving some of the biggest, tastiest meals in Cairo. Great place to go share a few dishes. Pomodoro is a pasta lover's dream, since they serve nothing but pasta - you pick the meat.

There are loads of restaurants all over Cairo that serve various quick and tasty sandwiches such as falafel, fuul (stewed fava beans) and shawerma (chicken and beef kebabs). Gad is a large chain with branches everywhere and a wide selection. Taza is a smaller chain though just as - if not more - tasty, and Touts Express is well used to dealing with tourists because of all the hotels nearby, and does a great line in fresh juices.

Pizza mia

user rating

2 taha hussein st. zamalek

Authentic pizzeria and italian kitchen... read more

Ristorante Tuscany

Cairo, Cairo Marriott Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino, 16 Saray El Gezirah St.

Ristorante Tuscany... read more

Torii Japanese restaurant

16 Saray El Gezira, Zamalek

Torii Japanese Restaurant... read more

JW Steakhouse restaurant

16 Saray El Gezira Zamalek

JW Steakhouse Restaurant... read more

Saraya Gallery

16 Saray El Gezira

Saraya Gallery serves a la carte French menu...
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Harry's Pub

16 Saray El Gezira

Harry's Pub is the meeting points for friends...
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Garden Promenade

16 Saray El Gezira

Garden Promenade is an open air restaurant...
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Egyptian Nights

16 Saray El Gezira , Zamalek

Egyptian Nights... read more

Taverna (La)

140 26th of July Street

Some Friends & A Smoke... read more

El Omda

3a Gamaet El Dewal El Arabeya St.


Num.9, Al Qahirah, Egypt

Touts Express

Al-Jizah, Tag El Dewal, Embaba, Qulubiya, Egypt

ابو شقرة


حديقة الأزهر


Cairo Tower

Zamalek, Giza, Egypt

gnenah mall

Nasr City, El Tasea, Madent Naser, Cairo, Egypt


Cairo, Egypt

The Revolving Restaurant

Corniche El Nile, P.O. Box 2288, Garden City, Roda Island, Egypt

Cook Door

56 Mohamed Mazhar

Al Mashrabia

Al-Jizah, Tag El Dewal, Embaba, Qulubiya, Egypt

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