97 al Tahrir Street
Cairo, Egypt


+20 (0)2 2762 2667

NileGuide Expert tip:

Gad has branches all over Cairo, serving the same great food at the same great prices


Gad, in Dokki, is part of a popular chain of restaurants in Cairo that cater mainly to locals who want to eat on the go. Gad serves classic Egyptian snack food such as felafel, fuul (stewed fava beans )and shwarmas, though you can get more substantial grills, chicken dishes, and of course koshary (a carbohydrate bomb made of pasta, lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce).

Although it's possible to eat at Gad - often standing up - many people choose to take their food home (or to the street). There is no decor to speak of - just functional plastic chairs and tables, but this simplicity is part of the charm. The food at Gad is safe and of good quality, and the prices are low. Be aware that it often gets very busy, so be prepared to push your way through a crowd of people to get to the counter where you place your order.

If the crowds are too much, try nearby Taza, which is pretty much the same set-up, just smaller.


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