Dokki is a largely residential area to the west of the River Nile, opposite the southern tip of Gezira Island and the northern tip of Manyal. The name is often spelled Doqqi, and in Egyptian Arabic is pronounced with a glottal stop in place of the k/q, so it sounds like Do'ee.

The company that designed the layout of Dokki in the 20's and 30's was headed by Oswald Finney, member of an important British family based in Alexandria. To this day, the midan (square) that bears his name is still a Dokki landmark. The population increased during the 60's and 70's, to house Cairo's growing number of professionals, and nowadays Dokki is a mainly lower-middle class area that is bounded by the Nile to the east, by Sudan street to the west, and by Abd al-Salam Arif street to the south (at which point you could argue you are in Giza.) To the north it merges with Agouza and the more affluent Mohandiseen, though it's hard to tell where one neighborhood ends and the next begins. As with most areas of Cairo, it does have its richer sections. Dokki also has more than its fair share of foreign embassies.

Being a residential area, there aren't many attractions for the visitor, though many tourists end up staying in Dokki. The most famous hotel in the neighborhood is the luxurious Cairo Sheraton, and just around the corner is the Pyramisa Cairo. There are also a number of hotels popular with tour groups, such as the Indiana, the Santana, and the King.

The streets are pleasant enough to wander around, and parts of Dokki are quite green…by Cairo standards! The area around Suliman Gohar – just off Midan Feni – is a lively, colourful produce market, and a great place to pick up some super-fresh fruit and veg.

A large part of Dokki is taken up by Nadi al-Sid, the Shooting Club. This posh private members club is a favorite haunt of Egyptian families, where the little'uns can play sports whilst the parents relax and socialise. Next door are the green grounds of the Ministry of Agriculture, which host the quirky Agricultural museum.

Further south, just off the Corniche, is the Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil And His Wife Museum, with its impressive collection of European (especially French) art. Near by is the Dr Ragab Papyrus Institute – an educational, though slightly expensive, place to buy genuine papyrus.

In terms of dining and nightlife, there are a few good cafes dotted around, such as Momento and al-Ahwa, and a nice bar on the rooftop of the King Hotel, called Nomad. For those with money to burn, Stiletto is a lounge/bar/club opposite the Cairo Sheraton, which often has DJ's or live music, and – if you get really bored – there's always the Sheraton itself!



Bull's Eye


Cairo Jazz Club

Cairo Sheraton Cinema


Cairo Sheraton Casino


Suleiman Gohar Market

German Evangelical Church

Toy & Joy

Top Toys

Agricultural Museum

Dr. Ragab's Papyrus Institute


The Yemen Restaurant

Al Ahwa Café

Cairo Jazz Club

Steak Out



Tekkia (El)


Touts Express


Bent el-Sultan


Raja Medotel Hotel

Safir Cairo Hotel


Salma Hotel

Santana Hotel

Dreamers Hotel

Shahrazad Hotel

Indiana Hotel

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