Rock Star


48 Iran Street


+20 (0)2 3761 2114, +20 (0)2 3749 5656


Rock Star in Dokki is a baffling restaurant for all sorts of reasons. First up, it serves that famous combination of Indian and... Lebanese cuisine. Secondly, the name. There's no real reason to call it Rock Star, and it just seems to be an excuse to make use of the oversized wooden electric guitar someone had knocking about, and so decided to hang above the stairs and festoon with red fairy lights. Thirdly, the menu is littered with so many spelling mistakes that it's almost incomprehensible in places.

That said, if you do manage to navigate the menu, Rock Star offers some pretty decent food. The Indian is by far and away the better of the two. There isn't a huge selection, but there are your usual classics such as your biryanis, tandooris and daals, and a reasonable number of veggie sides.

The chicken jalfrezi is nicely spiced with good chicken and properly cooked vegetables, though it could do with being a bit saucier. The yellow daal is buttery and delicate (though not so mushy as it should be) and the breads and rice are both competently done. Beware the complimentary lime and chilli pickles you get to start, though: they taste great, but they do pack a punch.

The Lebanese menu at Rock Star is as expected: a small range of mezza, some Lebanese-style fettah and grills, with - rather bizarrely - some moussaka and mahshi thrown in. Sadly, it's all pretty much of a muchness, with overcooked cubes of lamb, falling apart kofta and soggy fries forming the backbone of the mixed grill.

Prices are reasonable and the staff are friendly and pretty efficient, although overly fussy if the restaurant is empty. It's worth checking out Rock Star for the Indian food if you are in this part of town, but don't bother with the Lebanese.


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