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  • Dining is serious business in Caracas. But it's more than just a way to indulge your taste buds and enjoy a night on the town. Caracas cuisine is a reflection of the dynamic cultural cocktail of the city and the country. And with influences from all over the world, it's easy to see (and taste) just how internationally inspired Caracas is. You'll find the most cutting-edge and trendy dining in the Las Mercedes area. Some 100 restaurants pack the 30-block area, all vying for customers with enchanting aromas and swanky decor. Here you'll find everything from sushi to pizza, Mediterranean to traditional Venezuelan. The digs aren't exactly budget-friendly, but good value can be found---as well as a rockin good time. Sabana Grande is your stop for more budget-friendly eating, with most restaurants located along Av Francisco Solano. The fast-food court Centro de Comida Rapida Plaza Broadway offers a crash course in the Caracas cuisine: pad thai, Middle Eastern and everything in between in packed in. A couple good vegetarian options can be found in Sabana Grande, as well as the highest concentration of arepa stands. Don't miss out on this melted morsel of Venezuelan goodness! Swanky Altamira is your place for a more refined experience. Elegance and a fine-dining atmosphere are served alongside Argentinian steaks, French foie gras and Venezuelan pabellón criollo. Dining in the Historic Center is all about tradition. Here, you'll find numerous tascas, a legacy of the Spanish. With food and tapas served in one room, music and dancing going late into the night in another, a trip to a Caracas tasca is a quintessential as they come. Caracas' many cafes and pastelerias offer European-minded espresso with Latin-inspired dulces. They're the perfect way to start the day---or stop of a mid-day refueling.


    Avenida Panorama (centro comercial El Mirador 1ª planta, Lomas de San Román), Caracas, Venezuela

    Centro Plaza

    Avenida Andrés Bello, Los Palos Grandes, Districto Federal, Venezuela

    obelisco bistro

    Av San Juan Bosco, Caracas, Venezuela

    Punta Grill

    Calle París (esquina Avenida Trinidad, Las Mercedes), Caracas, Venezuela

    Jaime Vivas

    Calle San Antonio

    Sultana del Avila (La)

    Avenida Principal, Edificio Doña Francisquita, Planta Baja
    Locales 1 y 2, Boleíta Sur

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    Palmar (El)

    Avenida Leonardo Da Vinci, Plaza Lincoln
    Bello Monte

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    La Holandesa

    Avenida Luis Roche, Caracas, Venezuela

    Gourmet Vegetariano

    Avenida Los Jardines, Caracas, Venezuela


    Avenida Orinoco (diagonal a Bahias, Las Mercedes), Caracas, Venezuela

    La calle del hambre

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Delicatesses Rey David


    El Rey del Pescado

    Avnida La Costanera

    Rucio Moro Restaurant

    Avenida Principal de Bello Campo


    Centro Comercial Las Cupulas, 2a Av, cnr 5a Transversal, Caracas, Venezuela


    Calle New York, entre Madrid y Rio de Janeiro

    Hard Rock Cafe

    Avenida Libertador, Centro Sambil, Nivel Diversion
    Chacao, Caracas

    News Café

    Restaurante Urrutia

    El Fogón

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