Old city

Chiang Mai's old city is a perfectly charming area with walls and moats. In fact, this is one of the few cities where the original walls are still standing. It's a great area to take a walking tour and appreciate some of Thailand's beautiful temples.


Upper Deck

Irish Pub

The Garden Chiang Mai Guesthouse and Bar

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

Jerusalem Falafel

Roots Rock Reggae

Freebird Café

Rasta Art Bar

Leela Café

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

Tuskers Bar

Zoe In Yellow

Chocolate Fact.


Wat Phra That Doi Kham

Wat Prasat

Lanna Architecture

Mountain Bike Rides

Inthakhin Ceremony

Biking to the Wats

Wat Phan Tao

Chiang Mai Food Festival

Wat Chiang Man

Tribal Museum

Chiang Mai Arts & Cultural Centre

Wat Chedi Luang

Luna Gallery (La)

TAT (Tourist Authority of Thailand)

Sompet Market

Shiraz Jewelry

American University Alumni Language Center

HQ Paper Maker

Bike & Bite

Pratu Chiang Mai Market

City Silk

Sunday Walking Market

Uangdoi School of Fashion Design & Dressmaking

Dog and Cat House

Jie Tong Heng Dressmaking School

Konthai Tours

Tha Pae Gate

Chiang Mai Thai Farm Cooking School

Mom Bamboo

Three Kings Monument

Trekking Collective Company

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School

Wat Pan On

UFO Bowling

Wat Phrachao Mengrai

Wat Chaimongkol

Buak Hat Park

Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures

Herb Basics

Wat Tha Kham

Wat Sam Pao

Wat Saen Muang Ma Luang

Wat Chiang Yuen

Wat Ton Pin

Wat Chai Phra Kiat

Wat Ubosot

Wat Srisuphan

Wat Srisoda

Wat Pa Daeng

Wat Chai Sri Phum


The Amazing Sandwich

Peppermint Coffee House

The Writer's Club & Wine Bar


Kona Cafe

Huen Phen

JJ's Coffee Shop and Bakery

TianZi Tea House

Kafe Bar and Restaurant

Oriental Style

Villa (La)

Pum Pui

Jerusalem Falafel

Rasta Art Bar

Sompet Market

Freebird Café

Tuskers Bar

Aum Vegetarian Restaurant

Pratu Chiang Mai Market

Phở Viang Chane

Julie Guest House

Spicy Bollywood

Freebird Cafe

Buak Hard Park

Zoe In Yellow

Irish Pub


Inspire House and Hotel

296 The Radtanaiya Residence

Baan Lansa Guest House & Restaurant

Uncle Joe Guest House

Chiang Mai Kristi House

3 Sis Bed and Breakfast

Red Hibiscus Guesthouse

JonAdda Guesthouse & Restaurant

Ping Buri Hotel (The)

Gap's House

Little Bird Guesthouse

Dog and Cat House

Banana Guest House

Mountain View Guest House

Muan Baan Slacken Home

Julie Guest House

Tawan Guest House

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