Sumner District

The pick of the city's beach suburbs, Sumner is a favourite swimming  and walking beach with the landmark Cave Rock and the popular cafe Scarborough Fare and the Flower Track - an enjoyable walk with wonderful views over Pegasus Bay and up to Kaikoura. On Clifton Hill, the Gethsemane Gardens also looks up to the Kaikoura mountains. Further east, Taylor's Mistake is a wonderful surfing beach. Many of the port-hills walks begin in this area, including one to WWII gun emplacements on Godley Head, while Ferrymead Historic Park and provides graphic insights of life in a bygone era.Its is also home to the Tamaki heritage village.


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Ruptured Duck


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Phoenix Paragliding

Gethsemane Gardens

Cobb Cottage

Nicholson Park

Sumner Beach

Moncks Bay

Barnett Park

Cave Rock

The Flowers Track

Flower Track, Scarbourgh

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Ruptured Duck


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