Cote D'Azur Facts

Interesting Facts about Cote D'Azur



Country: France

Paris By The Numbers:

Population: 2,153,600 (2005 census) Average Annual Precipitation: 641 millimeters/25 inches Average Annual days of rain: 187/year Average January Temperature: 4°C/39°F Average July Temperature: 20°C/68°F Major Industries: Service, Tourism and Hospitality, Commerce, Banking, Computer engineering Ethnic Mix: Italian, Polish, German, North African and African (in the 10th, 18th and 19th arrondissement), Chinese (in the 13th arrondissement), Hindi and Pakistani (in the 10th arrondissement), Vietnamese, etc.

Quick Facts:

Time Zone: GMT +1 Electricity: 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz round two-pin plugs Country Dialing Code: 33 Area Code: 01

Things to See in Cote D'Azur

  • Nice Landmark

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