Diving and Snorkeling in Cozumel

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  • Cruise Ship Dock 1
  • Cruise Ship Dock 2
  • El Cedral
  • Ferry Dock
  • Marina
  • Playa Morena
  • Punta Celarain
  • Grab a mask and strap on some fins, and head to one of the sites on our Top 10 Places to Dive or Snorkel in Cozumel. Everyone knows that if you want to be under water, Cozumel is the place to do it. We've compiled nine of the best underwater spots around the island for snorkelers, beginner divers, and aquatic experts.

    Our list consists of spots located around the southern half of the island and which are considered part of the National Marine Park. These sites, such as Punta Sur and Santa Rosa Wall, are justifiably some of the most popular diving destinations in the world. Others, such as Paseo El Cedral, is less known, and was chosen specifically for its variety of tropical life (like its neighbor, Palancar), in addition to its lack of crowds.

    Columbia and Paraiso Reefs are also part of the National Park and are both great for beginning divers. The first includes Columbia Gardens, also known as Columbia Shallows, and its slow currents make it perfect for snorkeling. The second is known for its brain corals and sponges and is ideal for macro-photography and night dives. It shares this last characteristic with the 7th and 8th sites on our list.

    San Francisco Reef is special because it provides a wall-diving experience for beginners. For the expert diver, Devil's Throat Cave, at Punta Sur Reef, is not to be missed, and for the avid snorkeler, head to Palancar Gardens, also known as Palancar Shallows, which is part of Palancar Reef.

    We've added a dive shop in our number 10 position. Aqua Safari has been around for over 40 years and has a great crew of expert divers that are not only knowledgeable about everything that has to do with diving, but they are extremely informed about Cozumel's history and the development of its diving programs.

    Punta Sur Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    Palancar Beach

    Explore The Devil's Throat... read more

    Santa Rosa Wall

    user rating

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    South of Playa San Francisco

    Deep drift dives... read more


    Costera Sur Highway, Km 9.5
    Parque Marino de Cozumel

    Coral exploration for beginners... read more

    Palancar Reef

    One mile off the southwestern coast near El Cedral
    Costera Sur Highway

    World-Famous Dive Site... read more

    Paseo El Cedral Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    (Northeast of Palancar Reef)

    Lush underwater vegetation... read more

    Columbia Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    South of the Palancar Reef

    For deep divers... read more

    Paraiso Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    (South of Villa Blanca Wall)

    Great for the beginner diver... read more

    San Francisco Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    (Playa San Francisco)

    Wall dive for beginners... read more

    Tormentos Reef

    Parque Marino de Cozumel
    South of Chankanaab Reef

    Underwater photographer's dream... read more

    Aqua Safari

    user rating

    Av Rafael Melgar No.429 between 5 & 7 Sur
    San Miguel

    Great specials for divers... read more
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