Fort Lauderdale Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Airport Area

2  Coral Shores

3  Downtown Ft Lauderdale

Once upon a time, one could look down the road along Fort Lauderdale beach and inland along U.S. 1 and see flat...

4  North Beach Area

5  North Ft Lauderdale

Traveling north of Fort Lauderdale, one wanders through a series of small towns including Lauderdale-by-the-Sea,...

6  North-Near Palm Beach

7  Port Everglades

8  South Beach Area

9  South-Near Miami

South of Fort Lauderdale is Hollywood, which has a small but significantly entertaining downtown area built around...

10  Southwest Ft Lauderdale

11  Davie

12  Outside the city

13  West Ft. Lauderdale

To the west of Fort Lauderdale lies a host of smaller cities that are the bedroom communities of the region, their...

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