La Bobine


42 Boulevard Clemenceau
38000 Grenoble, France


+33 (0)476.703.758


La Bobine is proud of its diverse programming with everything from slam concerts to improvisation matches and children's shows. The groups that play here cover a range of musical styles from mixed bohemian chanson to balkanic cartoon jazz. Spend an evening at La Bobine and embark on a musical discovery in an intimate, but festive setting. Tickets are priced around seven euros for the events, most of which are held in the 60 square meter concert room. With a capacity of 300 spectators, La Bobine offers the public a more up-close experience with the groups—no nose-bleed sections here! Besides being an arena for local and indie groups, La Bobine includes a recording studio and rehearsal rooms for musicians plus a bar and restaurant open to the public. Diners can choose from simple but delicious daily specials, salads, savory pies, and homemade desserts. They even run a catering service enigmatically called "Cuisine & Dependence."


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