Grenoble Nightlife

As a city with a huge student population, Grenoble packs its nightlife into three nights: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The fun isn't limited to the under-25 crowd though. With trendier-than-thou lounges, laid-back neighborhood bars, and sprawling café terraces, the city center is where the nocturnal Grenoblois come to play. Bars close around 1 a.m. when the cities handful of nightclubs open their doors to night owls. For a more relaxed evening, some bars offer occasional live music, but there is also the municipal theater and several cinemas to choose from.

La Bobine

42 Boulevard Clemenceau

La Bobine is an association-run music center that hosts concerts by local and indie groups. With a restaurant, bar, recording studios, and stage, La Bobine could easily become a music lover's second home...
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Loco Mosquito

56 Rue Thiers

A self-described "lair for fiesta aficionados," the Loco Mosquito adds a bit of South American flair to Grenoble's nightlife...
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