Saint Laurent

It's easy to find the Saint Laurent neighborhood—just look for the line of pizzerias along the Isère river. The old quarter runs along the right bank and includes the rue Saint Laurent, the Quai Xavier Jouvin, the Quai Perrière, and the Quai de France.

When the 3rd century ramparts circled the historic city center, the Saint Laurent neighborhood was excluded. These streets are nevertheless full of history, evidenced by the dense architecture and the fact that it is one of Grenoble's oldest rues. The apartment buildings form a long wall looking across the river at the Municipal Theater, the Musée de Grenoble, and the old Parliament building. At the end of the Rue Saint Laurent, a 4th century church and 11th century monastery house an archeological museum (closed for renovations until autumn 2010). The Montée Chalemont, a picturesque cobblestone stairway leads to the Musée Dauphinois and to the Bastille.

They call Saint Laurent "Little Corato." Grenoble's Italian-language radio station is based here and when Italy defeated France in the 2008 World Cup, the neighborhood partied nearly all night. In the early 20th century, waves of Italian immigrants settled here, where the apartments offered little comfort, but cost little money. Other than the pizzerias, a music and dinner hall, le Café des Arts, and a cozy literary café, the Bookworm Café, add to the eternal charm of Grenoble's little Italy.


The Bastille

Via ferrata

Musée Dauphinois

Mountain Troops Memorial


Chez Le Per'Gras

The Bookworm Café

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