NileGuide Expert Says:

An unforgettable way to discover the Alps surrounding Grenoble. The experience is well worth the price.


Lumbin-St Hilaire landing area
38660 Grenoble, France


+33 (0)684.552.334

NileGuide Expert tip:

Splurge the extra 15€ for the photos the monitor takes during the flight. You won't regret it!


Gaby and Didier run Air Alpin, a paragliding school in Saint Hilaire du Touvet. Both are professionally trained and state certified, ensuring a safe and fun experience for those who just want to experience paragliding with an instructor. For adventurers wanting to learn to glide alone, the two instructors ensure beginner and advanced workshops lasting three to five days.

Those just looking to get a taste of paragliding can choose from two initiation flights: a "discovery" flight that lasts 15 minutes or a 30-minute "active" flight that includes ascension and a little piloting. For both, you are safely strapped to the instructor.

Prices as of August 2010 (subject to modifications):

15-minute discovery flight: 75€

20 to 30-minute active flight: 90€

Beginners' paragliding workshop: 470€

Advanced paragliding workshop: 520€


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