St. Bruno Market

NileGuide Expert Says:

The Saint Bruno market can be the ideal place to find discount, brand-name clothes and unique souvenirs.


Place Saint Bruno
38000 Grenoble, FRANCE

NileGuide Expert tip:

Browse, dig, and repeat until you find your own little treasure.


The Saint Bruno market, in one of Grenoble's immigrant and working-class neighborhoods, radiates with energy of shoppers looking for a great deal and sellers hawking their goods. Produce stands line the outside of Saint Bruno square while tables of home accessories, beauty products, clothes, and more form disorderly aisles.  

A trip to the Saint Bruno market is like digging through your old aunt's attic—you'll find some awesome stuff but you'll also find some stuff you wouldn't touch with a stick. Be sure to check expiration dates on products like packaged food and beauty products. Like any bazaar, dig around, look carefully at what you buy, but most importantly, enjoy the experience and the atmosphere.

As for the clothes, the vendors' vans serve as makeshift fitting rooms. The seller sometimes has a mirror propped against the outside and will be happy to hold it up for you. Of course, he will also tell you how well your potential purchase fits.

A word of advice, bring cash. Most vendors won't accept anything else.

The market takes place Tues.-Sun. 6:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and goes until 6 p.m. on Fridays


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