The banks of the Isère

NileGuide Expert Says:

A great place to spend a relaxing afternoon or get a morning jog in.



NileGuide Expert tip:

Pick up a map of the bike paths at MétroVélo agencies or the tourist office. Much of the paths include the Berges.


One way to appreciate Grenoble's natural side is to take a stroll along the river banks, called Les Berges de l'Isère. These paved paths offer around 50 kilometers of strolling along the Isère river and stretch from Saint Gervais to Saint Nazaire Les Eymes. Only a portion of the banks pass through Grenoble, but they offer more than enough for a pleasant afternoon.

It is common to see all sorts of people enjoying the banks, but they don't get crowded. Some people use them as cycling freeways to get to work. Others can be seen jogging up and down the river. On Sundays, you'll see entire families out for a walk at a leisurely pace.

Along the way, you can stop by the university campus, cross the bridge to the Ile d'Amour park, or go all the way to Le Bois Français park, about 10 kilometers outside of Grenoble.

The banks are open to the public 24 hours a day and are of course free. 


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