NileGuide Expert Says:

Best Vietnamese Nightclub


1 Tran Hung Dao
Ho Chi Minh,

NileGuide Expert tip:

If you are in a group, buy a bottle. It's cheaper.


Let's be perfectly clear about this – Vietnamese nightclubs are an acquired taste that many westerners prefer not to develop. Perhaps because they are used to the constant cacophony on Saigon's streets, the locals can't seem to get enough of the ear-splitting, speeded-up techno that blares from state-of-the-art speakers in clubs such as Gossip.  There's absolutely no chance of conversation in these joints, and drink prices are steep. However, the occasional foray into one can be both instructive and enjoyable. For a start everyone is dressed to impress so if you are a fan of the Asian form, you are sure to get your fill of eye candy.  In addition to the visual stimulus, the pumping music can be fairly infectious if you are in the right kind of mood while the sight of heaving crowds of young Vietnamese getting into the party mood with nary a westerner in sight is also refreshing.  Unless your ears are filled with lead, Gossip will never be a must-visit destination, but it's great as a break from the clubbing norm.

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