Ho Chi Minh Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Cholon/ Chinatown/ District 5

District 5 is the former town of Cholon (big market) and is the center of the Chinese community. The Binh Tay market...

2  City Center/ District 1

The center of the city with many of the tourist attractions is known as District 1. Stretching away from the promenade...

3  Cu Chi

North of the city is the large district of Cu Chi, much of which was totally devastated during the American War...

4  District 3

Adjacent to District 1 is the quieter District 3 with many beautiful French architectural-style homes. Visit the...

5  District 4

6  Nhà Bè/ District 7

7  Phu Nhuan District

8  Tan Binh District

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