Hu Tieu Quynh


A65 Nguyen Trai
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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+84 8 3 836 9145

NileGuide Expert tip:

Watch out for the yellow chili provided. They are deceptively powerful.


Vietnamese chefs are generally so good that the presence of an extensive menu isn't the deterrent it usually is in western countries. Nevertheless, if you want a cast iron guarantee that a restaurant is going to be good your best bet is to head for joints that specialize in one particular dish.  This venue is a case in point. One of a cluster of humble eateries purveying little else apart from the southern special hu tieu nam vang, it's a great place for lunch, dinner or – courtesy of the generous opening hours – a hearty late night snack.  The dish itself is an exercise in stunning simplicity. A blend of Vietnamese, Cambodian and Chinese traditions it features a slow-cooked pork stock bolstered by rice vermicelli noodles, sliced pork tenderloin, shrimp and green onions.  Most opt to have the components put in the broth but if you want it dry just ask for it done 'kho'.  Either way, it's a winner.
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