Cheung Chau

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Cheung Chau
Hong Kong, China


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There is only one way to get to Cheung Chau, which literally translates to Long Island, and that is by ferry from the Central Ferry pier. As you approach Cheung Chau it isn't hard to guess what the main occupation of the thriving local community is by looking at the crowded harbour full of traditional Chinese fishing boats all sizes. Numerous seafood restaurants line the quayside to take advantage of the fresh daily catches, and visitors should do the same! For forty dollars per dish, the seafood dishes are delicious and authentically Chinese. If Chinese seafood doesn't seem filling enough Fish balls, fried chicken, tofu dessert are extremely delicious local Cheung Chau snacks. Rent a bicycle and bike around the island for the best experience of the "old China" way. Infamous Cheung Po Chai little cave retreat, as legend says, is where the infamous pirate keeps his loot and is worth exploring. Once a year the whole island community comes together for The big Bun Festival. This is when Pak Tai Temple is the focus of the frenzied four-day Bun Festival in late April or early May. Alternatively, there are always beaches to head for. Tung Wan Beach is popular, but try hiking to Tung Wan Tsai for a little more seclusion.


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