Outlying Islands


Outlying Islands
Hong Kong, China


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The outlying Islands are abundant because Hong Kong has more than 80 big and small island but Peng Chau and Lamma Island are two Islands worth visiting the most. Ferries from Central Pier will take you there and the ferry trip in itself is worth it for the cool sea wind and views. Peng Chau is quite similar to Cheung Chau, just much smaller. Home to fishing hamlets, as is the case with most outlying islands. Peng Chau does also have a small rattan and hand-painted ceramics industry. A walk through the rabbit-warren lanes of the town leads past some of the shops selling these local wares, as well as many sweet Chinese desserts and local salted preserved fish and shrimp.

Lamma Island, on the other hand, has gained a reputation as a hippy expat hangout. Rumors circulate that the Japanese used Lamma during their World War II occupation. Supposedly, they used the island as a snake farm, with many snakes flown in around the world - explaining the numerous unusual breeds on the island. Now creates dangerous and exciting Lamma that numerous nature-loving residents now live on. Still quite an alternative culture from mainstream Hong Kong. Be sure to take note of the last ferry times or else there will be no other ways of getting back to Hong Kong Island.


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