Indian Wells Attractions

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Fantasy Balloon Flights

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74901 Hwy 111

High-flying adventure... read more

Fossil Falls

300 S. Richmond Road

Contrary to what the name might imply, Fossil Falls has neither fossils nor falls. It is instead the geologic remnant or "fossil" of a water fall created when lava poured into the Owens River channel some 20,000 years ago... read more

French Spring Trail

300 S. Richmond Rd.

This 8.0-mile long trail starts at 4,600 feet at the end of the French Spring Road in Owens Valley... read more

Rademacher Hills Trail

300 S. Richmond Road

The Rademacher Hills Trail is a 8.5-mile trail which extends through desert terrain on the south side of Ridgecrest. This trail is open to hiking, jogging, horseback riding and mountain biking... read more

Malpais Mesa Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Malpais Mesa Wilderness is situated at the southern end of the InyoMountains and contains rugged valleys, deep canyons, sheer mountain sides and mesas all within a short distance of each other... read more

Golden Valley Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Golden Valley, for which this wilderness is named, is surrounded on either side by two distinct mountain ranges... read more

Burgess Mine Trail

300 S. Richmond Rd.

This 7.0-mile long trail starts at 9,700 feet on the Inyo Crest... read more

Grass Valley Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

Grass Valley Wilderness Area is a series of scattered hills, reddish-brown to yellow in appearance and gently rising to elevations from 200 to 600 feet above the desert valley floor... read more

Sacatar Trail Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Sacatar Trail Wilderness Area encompasses the rugged, pristine eastern face of the Sierra Nevada Mountains... read more

Sand Canyon Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The perennial stream flowing through Sand Canyon creates a sanctuary from the heat of the desert in one of the longest stretches of riparian woodland in the Eastern Sierra... read more

Chimney Peak Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Chimney Peak Wilderness boundaries encompass the eastern slope of the southern Sierra Nevada... read more

Coso Range Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Coso Range Wilderness encompasses the northern section of the Coso Mountain Range, an area of extensive erosion revealing outstanding volcanic displays and numerous valleys and washes... read more

Short Canyon Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

Those visiting Short Canyon can experience brilliant wildflowers, good bird watching, and remote trail opportunities... read more

Indian Wells Canyon Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

Indian Wells Canyon provides access to the Pacific Crest Trail and also to Owens Peak... read more

Golf Resort at Indian Wells

44-500 Indian Wells Ln
Indian Wells Golf Resort

Indian Wells public golf... read more

Masters Series

78200 Miles Avenue
(Indian Wells Tennis Gardens)

Tennis tournament... read more

Inyo Mountain Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Rd.

People venturing into the Inyo Mountains Wilderness should proceed cautiously and not overextend their supplies or capabilities. Anyone considering using these trails must approach it as a rugged backcountry exploration... read more

Snowflake Mine Trail

300 S. Richmond Rd.

The 7.0-mile Snowflake Trail is one of the best known and most used trails in the Inyo Mountains... read more

Darwin Falls Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

Although this wilderness is named Darwin Falls Wilderness, the falls actually are under the administration of Death Valley National Park... read more

Argus Range Wilderness Area

300 S. Richmond Road

The Argus Range Wilderness has elevations from 2,800 feet to more than 7,500 feet. There are remains of historic mining activity and a few prehistoric sites which are scattered throughout the area... read more
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