Asian Bosphorus

Like its counterpart, the European coast of Bosphorus, the Asian coastline is also huge. Starting from Anadolu Feneri on the north, it extends down a little further from Üsküdar with the following districts from north to south: Anadolu Feneri, Poyraz, Anadolu Kavağı, Beykoz, Paşabahçe, Kanlıca, Anadolu Hisarı, Göksu, Kandilli, Vaniköy, Kuleli, Beylerbeyi, Üsküdar and Kuzguncuk. Once again different districts have different personalities. Anadolu Feneri and Kavağı are both more touristic than the rest. In fact, boats depart from both parts of Istanbul to Anadolu Kavağı, offering a nice daily excursion to anyone interested. There are nice -yet touristic- fish restaurants and waffle houses here. From Beykoz to Vaniköy are rich living complexes coupled with simpler and little houses occupied by the town's people. These are districts with mixed social statuses. Kanlıca is well-known for its great yogurt and ayran -a classic Turkish drink made from yogurt. Kandilli is where the Turkish observatory is. Extending from the little town of the observatory are great mansions with their little ponds, coastlines and huge gardens. Some of these mansions are unoccupied today. Their residents, who live in other beautiful houses in other beautiful districts of Istanbul, sublet these mansions for major events like galas, weddings etc. Beylerbeyi and Üsküdar are both residential, plus commercial areas. However, the residences in these areas are less nostalgic looking when compared to the rest of the Asian Bosphorus. The Asian Bosphorus offers less opportunities for socializing, yet it is always nice to go to Kandilli by boat and eat fish here, right by the port at Suna Fish Restaurant. Similarly, one can also go to Anadolu Hisarı or Çengelköy for a cup of Turkish tea and observe the local people working and living in the area. The Asian Bosphorus has its own particular aura and atmosphere that is kind of nostalgic of the old Istanbul. There are also very nice restaurants and new and boutique hotels by the Asian Bosphorus. Sumahan and Ajia are the most prominent boutique hotels, while Del Mare, Kordon Fish Restaurant (of Sumahan Hotel), Borsa, Lacivert and Kanaat Restaurant are acknowledged places to eat.


Hidiv Kasri


AnadoluHisarı (Anatolian Castle)

Harem Station


RedBull Flugtag

Anadolu Kavağı

Hidiv Kasri

Beylerbeyi Palace

Leander's Tower (or the Maiden's Tower, or Kiz Kulesi)

Cinili Hamam


A Jia Hotel

Filizler Köfte Uskudar

Hidiv Kasri

Angel Fish Restaurant

Ismet Baba

Huzur Restaurant

Kordon Seafood Restaurant

Kandilli Balıkçısı Suna'nın Yeri

Kanaat Lokanta

Necati Restaurant


Lacivert Restaurant


A'jia Hotel

Sumahan on the Water

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