Bagdat Street

The Bagdat Street is a long street passing parallel to the coastline of the Marmara Sea on the Asian side of Istanbul. This parallel street by the coast is also known as "Sahil Yolu" by the local Turkish population. This is where many people go running in the summers. Bagdat Street runs parallel to this street and passes through various little neighbourhoods: Göztepe, Caddebostan, Suadiye and Erenköy. Bagdat Caddesi is famous for shopping, hanging around during weekends, passing time in the cafes and restaurants that have lined up on its sidewalks. Out by the coastline (by the Sahil Yolu) is another little neighbourhood that may easily be considered together with the Bagdat Street. This is Kalamış: a marina where there are many boats, cafes, dance bars and restaurants. A nice and diverse way to spend the night.


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Misina Balık Retaurant

Il Padrino Caddebostan

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