Pyramids and Tombs in Jerusalem

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  • Jerusalem is home to tombs of many holy figures from Judaism and Christianity--the "best" ones are those that are easy to get to and give the visitor a sense of the period in which they lived and the reasons they were revered. First pick is the Tomb of Mary in the Kidron Valley. Descending the ancient flight of stairs into a cave lit by dozens of ornate lamps, gives the place a real feeling of sanctity. Next choice is the tomb of King David on Mt Zion. While most historians doubt King David was buried here--the Bible notes he was buried in the City of David, half a mile to the east, tradition holds that the tomb underneath the Room of the Last Supper does belong to someone from the Davidic dynasty and the place has been revered since the Middle Ages. It's a good place to take a breather for some quiet contemplation if there aren't too many tourists there.Note the Torah scrolls above the tomb--they were rescued from communities destroyed during the Holocaust. Further around to the east near the top of the oldest Jewish cemetery in the world, you'll find our 3rd pick--the Tomb of the Prophets. Once again, whether the prophets Chulda and Malachi are actually buried there is highly questionable--but you'll have fun groping your way through the catacombs anyway. In all likelihood, the people buried here were Christians from the 4th & 5th centuries AD. Our other choices are Rachel's Tomb, near Bethlehem--the third holiest site for Jews in Jerusalem; the Garden Tomb to the north of Damascus Gate and the edicule in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where many orthodox Christians believe Jesus was buried. This one goes to the bottom of the list because of the masses of pilgrims that crowd into the site--be prepared for at least an hour wait at most times of day.

    Tomb of the Virgin Mary

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    Kidron Valley
    Foot of the Mount of Olives

    Greek orthodox shrine... read more

    King David's Tomb

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    Mount Zion

    Synagogue and shrine... read more

    Tombs of the Prophets

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    Mount of Olives
    Jewish cemetery

    Ancient tombs... read more

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    Rachel's Tomb

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    Hebron Road

    Tomb of Rachel, one of the matriarchs of the Jewish people... read more

    Garden Tomb (The)

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    Conrad Schick Street
    Conrad Schick St

    Tomb of Christ, according to the non-orthodox churches... read more

    Church of the Holy Sepulchre

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    Suq Khan e-Zeit
    Christian Quarter

    One of the most important Christian sites.Believed by many orthodox Christians and Catholics to be the site where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected... read more

    Sanhedrian Tombs

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