Bukit Timbalan

One can catch a glimpse of the grandeur and power of the past atop Bukit Timbalan at the Sultan Ibrahim Building, whose unique architecture and commanding facade mercifully rescue the city skyline from the commercial barrenness at street level. Johor Bahru's choicest real estate extends from here northwards along the narrow coastal road, most of it being royally owned. The display of royal possessions begins at the Royal Abu Bakar Museum, housed within the imposing blue-roofed Grand Palace in the vast, manicured compounds of the Istana Garden. Next door, the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque sports some of the best Islamic architecture in the country. The small Johor Zoo resides along the same road--Jalan Gertak Merah.


TGI Friday's


Lido Beach


Saint Christopher's Anglican Church

War Memorial


TGI Friday's

Lucky Food Court

New Hong Kong Restaurant

Chez Papa French Bistro and Wine Room


Tropical Inn Johor Bahru

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