Johor Bahru Neighborhoods

List of areas to explore

1  Johor Bahru Town

2  Pasir Pelangi

3  Bukit Timbalan

One can catch a glimpse of the grandeur and power of the past atop Bukit Timbalan at the Sultan Ibrahim Building,...

4  Outside the City

5  Johor Central

Decay is seasonally outdated and in retreat, thankfully, with the opening of the sprawling City Square shopping...

6  Johor Western Seaboard

Johor Bahru is situated less than two hours by road from numerous traditional Malay villages (especially on the...

7  Johor Eastern Seaboard

8  Bukit Serene

9  Stulang

Directly overlooking Senoko Power Station and the northern green-capped shores of Singapore, Jalan Stulang Laut...

10  Outskirts

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