Johor Central

Decay is seasonally outdated and in retreat, thankfully, with the opening of the sprawling City Square shopping complex, Johor Bahru's latest self-renewal showpiece. A match for the glitziest of shopping malls across the City Square, it is fit to handle the smuggest shopping and coffee tastes at half-price. A sprinkling of older malls, including KOMTAR and Plaza Kotaraya, lies within walking distance, catering to the less well-heeled. Downtown chugs along like the squeaky locomotives leaving the Railway Station in this state of slow-motion tussle between the old and the new, dependable family-run coffee shops and fair-weather bankers, dingy lodges and chrome-plated hotels, humble pre-war shop-houses and swanky towers. Meanwhile, the Sri Mariamman Temple and the Johor Old Chinese Temple cling on precariously in a weakening struggle against unsympathetic commercial development.


Palm Bistro

T.A.M. Disc Laser Karaoke Lounge

VOR Viking Discotheque

Palm Lounge

Newsroom Cafe (The)


Endau-Rompin National Park

Johor Art Gallery

Permas Point Shopping Centre

Stulang Laut Beach

Plaza Kotaraya

Batu Pahat Mall

Pelangi Leisure Mall

Pelangi Golf Driving Range

Sultan Ibrahim Building

ZON Shopping Complex

Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Museum


Restoran ZZ

House of Sundanese Food

Ocean Garden Seafood Restaurant

Salt 'n' Pepper Cafe Restaurant

Orient Express Coffee House

Palm Lounge

Palm Bistro



Causeway Inn

New York Hotel

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